What Is The Theme Of Wealth In The Great Gatsby

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When reading “The Great Gatsby” you will notice that an irrefutable theme constantly comes up, and that theme is Wealth. During the time at which “The Great Gatsby” takes place, everybody was constantly out partying, after all the “Great War” had ended, and so forth came a new era of consumerism and wealth. Although everybody seemed rich, only some people were. This was made apparent within Fitzgerald's book, with the distinct cast of characters he had created. Of these characters Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby, and Tom Buchanan show off three separate aspects of Wealth within said era. For Nick, moving to the Big apple was a step towards a new method of business in the form of Bonds. Nick came from a middle class Background, however he had been granted the education and manners of an upper class gentleman. This is the factor that allowed Nick to attend Gatsby's parties and seem like one of the numerous people attending. Nick Himself however, was only a neighbor to Mr. Gatsby and a relative to Buchanan's. He was always watching from the middle class the Actions of those with wealth. Through the eyes of Nick we are able to see these actions from the same class as him, and experience the problems…show more content…
Mr. Gatsby was a man who had mysteriously accumulated a great fortune through uncertain means. As far as we know Jay Gatsby had acquired his fortune from shady work and bootlegging, though nothing on the great Jay Gatsby can ever be certain. Although as usual, we can never truly know Gatsby's history, we can know how he used his money. Gatsby was a spender, a rich man who with his affluence hosted parties in his expensive home night after night, week after week, trying to impress a person who lived across a lake from him. Gatsby shows a man who acquired wealth as a means to achieve another dream, but is trapped in that dream to the point of unreasonably. Gatsby's parties also show how wealth and the American Dream intermingle into one
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