What Is The Turning Point Of The Woman In 'The Awakening' By Kate Chopin

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[The story was written by Kate Chopin. She is known for her intelligence, freedom and her style of writing. Because of the life she had lived, she became a strong person. And because she could raise five children by her own, she started to write novels and short stories. the awakening considers as a turning point in her life. A turning point must be a positive word for anybody but in Kate Chopin’s case it was never a good thing. For the time she wrote that story, it was never accepted to question or even to write ideas that is against the societies believes. 1899 The Awakening published by Herbert S. Stone and Company on April 22. The tale is about a young woman (Edna Pontellier) the protagonist of the story, who struggles to find her identity and her artistic ability. A woman who grew up in a conservative society. She was married to and as Kate Chopin describe in the novel (the perfect man) who’s everybody in love with, and she had two kids. Even with this normal life, it was never good or enough for Edna. She always felt like this is not what she wanted to do with her life. And even though she knew that she is married to the best man but, he was never the man of her life.] [Mr. Pontellier and his family were spending the summer at Grand isle which is Madame Lebrun’s property. Grand isle was the place where Edna had the chance to spend a lot of time with the person who is going to flip her life and he is (Robert Lebrun). Robert is Madame Lebrun’s son. A 26-year-old man
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