What Is The Universal Function Of Democracy

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In this paper I reviewed the concepts, features and basic functions of democracy. I analyzed whether democracy as a universal value. It shows the basic theory of the origin of democracy and the possibilities and prospects of a democratic regime. Democratic form of government can be attributed to the universal values (along with a free market economy and private property). Today the value of democracy got widespread and worldwide recognition, and is believed to be commitment to these values is the sign of modernity and versatility. In this paper we consider the experience of human communities, based on the issues of social life with the equal participation of all its members. In the paper we disclose criteria and forms of democracy, describe the processes of its origin and development of fundamental and justify the formation of civic responsibility among members of society for the situation in country, analyze the possible threats to democratic society. Particular attention is paid to the shortcomings of modern democracy. We consider democracy as a universal value, but traditionally, democracy is understood primarily as a form of government as a form of political power. However, this is limited, narrow understanding of democracy is at best applicable to its political dimension, it is regarded as the optimal form of organization and functioning of all human life. Forms and manifestations of power are many - from the power of nature, parental authority, the power of knowledge
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