Language Of Immigrants And Immigration

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Dear Independent Press Standards Organisation, I am writing this as I am certainly worried of the use of language when describing immigrants and immigration. The word “Migrant” is being used as a neutral term in the past. It says nothing about their entitlement to cross that border or whether they should be." But it is worrying that the word has recently developed a sour note. It is being used to mean "not a refugee". But instead of not using the word “Refugee” David Cameron had even refered them as “swarm” of migrants, and Katie Hopkins, a controversial British writer had also likened migrants to "cockroaches”. Such use of language was completely 'awful, dehumanising language especially from a world leader'. It is worrying that even "migrant," perhaps the broadest and most…show more content…
As both government policy and political rhetoric casts these people as undesirables — a threat to security; a criminal element; a drain on resources — the word used to describe them takes on a new, negative meaning”. Words such as "swarm" , “cockroaches” and ”invasion" can also have implications just as negative when used in connection to refugees as these words are "clearly meant to instill fear." That's dangerous because the situation in Calais is already inflamed and full of fear: British tabloids are even calling for Cameron to send in the army, as if the migrants represented a foreign power preparing to invade. Language is inherently political, and the language used to describe migrants and refugees is politicised. The way we talk about migrants in turn influences how the public sees them and the way we deal

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