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Vacationing in the Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic offers a great place for a couple’s or family vacation. It is perfect no matter what time of year that you go. There are beach escapes available on the coasts as well as more active vacations available in Punta Cana. There are also many great resorts located throughout the island that provide something for everyone. There are modern structures as well as colonial architecture, valleys and peaks, mangroves and clives, white sandy beaches that are lined with palm trees and so much more to explore. When you add in the warm welcome from the locals, this is the perfect choice for your next vacation.
Brief History of Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is a part of the island of Hispaniola. The Arawaks inhabited the island before the Europeans arrived. In 1492 Christopher Columbus landed on the island and named it Espanola. It was later changed to Hispaniola. Eventually the Spanish claimed ownership of the entire island, but settled mainly on the east coast area. This is the area that is now known as the Dominican Republic. The western part of the island was left mainly empty until the 17th century when the French took up settlement there. In 1697, the French were given the western third of Hispaniola and the rest remained with the Spanish.

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This park offers a habitat for many species of plants and animals. There are 112 species of birds found within the park. In addition, Eastern National Park also offers one of the largest marine parks in the Caribbean. There is a huge coral reef system located here. In the marine park one will find manatees, bottlenose dolphins, as well as four species of turtles. There are also numerous types of fish that live within these tropical waters. Along with all of this biodiversity, the park also is the habitat for the paloma coronita, which is a rare white headed dove. It is also the home of the rhinoceros

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