What Is The Violation Of The 14th Amendment

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In Columbus, Ohio, ten students were suspended at Central High School for destroying property and defying school officials. The Ohio law entitled the school principal to suspend each student for a period of ten days or expel them from school. The law required for the parents to be notified of the action within 24 hours, and to be given a reason. Students who were expelled could appeal to the Board of Education. Among the ten students, Dwight Lopez argued that the suspension was an act of violation of the fourteenth amendment.

Several students were suspended for the following actions. A student was told to leave the auditorium because he was acting obnoxious. The principal got involved and ordered him out. He then refused to leave, leaving him to be suspended. Another student assaulted a police officer. Several other students obstructed school property.
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The state also argued that the protected interests were not created by the U.S constitution but by its institutions. They also explained that suspending the students would hurt their reputations and make it hard for the students to find employment. The court argued that the state had no authority of suspending the students because it deprived each of them of educational

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