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A wedding dress is clothing worn by a bride at the wedding ceremony. The color and style of the gown depends on the culture and religion. Many of today’s wedding traditions are traced from ancient customs; they are based on symbolism, religion, and the belief of the evil spirit. In ancient Greeks, the bride wore a Hellenistic Chiton with lavish draping, some areas of the dress were dyed purple but it was costly to get. Below the bust she wore a belt with a double knot known as the bridal knot. The bride also wore a veil that was yellow they used to dye it with Saffron over it she wore a Stephane, today what we call a bridal crown. The bridal costume in Rome consisted of a tunic woven in a traditional way, and tied around the waist with a knotted…show more content…
Then the popularity of the white wedding dress returned after the war in 1956 with the marriage of Grace Kelly, This wedding was known as the “Wedding of the Century”. Grace Kelly wore an extravagant fairytale gown. The dress was designed with sleeves embroidered in lace and a fitted bodice. The ivory wedding dress was also designed with a full skirt. This brought back the romantic look of the Victorian era while hold on to white as the traditional color for a wedding dress. The 1960’s and 1970’s culture brought with it a new trend for wedding dress fashion. Bianca Jagger got married in the early 1970’s; she wore a white pantsuit and a large brimmed hat. At the wedding of Priscilla and Elvis Presley, Priscilla wore a short wedding dress in a baby-doll style with a large bouffant-style veil. The 1980’s it was Lady Diana’s decade. She married Prince Charles of Wales in 1981 revealing to the world an enormous; white silk taffeta and lace gown with 25- foot train. Everything about 80’s briefs was styled big, the hair, the veils, the skirts, sleeves and bouquets. White was the color of this

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