What Is The World Going To End In Jane Yolen's Armageddon Summer

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Today I’m reviewing the novel “Armageddon Summer” by Jane Yolen and Bruce Coville. “Armageddon Summer” is about Jed and Marina going up this mountain top because there parents and the other believers think that the world will end in fire on July 27th. The leader, Reverend Beelson is the one who predicted the end and prophesied that the only way to survive for the new world afoot is going to the mountain top. But for now it’s just the beginning for Marina and Jed relationship for each other. There not even sure what to believe in for now. Is the world going to end? Or is it not? What did I not like about “Armageddon Summer”? First, the book is a bit dramatic than I expected it to be, but I can see the reason for that though I mean it’s almost the end of the world. I really didn’t like Marina’s personality in the book and how she relies on god to make her decisions which I don’t personally like myself. Plus, I thought that they could add more exciting events in the story than what they have now in the book. Finally, I pointed out the reasons why I dislike the book so far but it’s still a pretty good book though.…show more content…
First thing is that it has a good plot. Two people, don’t know for sure if they believe the Armageddon or not and how there lives are affected by their family and religion. I also, like how they narrate both of the main characters lives and how they describe how each other 's reaction to each other when they meet. Including, that the situation that they 're in, would probably happen in the real world because a situation like that can get people into “problems”. Plus, the narration of Jed, I like how he’s knows the facts but still wonders about if it is really true or not and that he’s the only one who feels different about the situation. Which in my opinion makes it more interesting. These are some of the reasons why I like the book and reasons why you should read the book sometime in the
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