The Other Wes Moore: The Wrong Choice

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As Malcolm X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” This quote inspires a lot of people like me to try harder and to never stop at one point and give up. In the book The Other Wes Moore: One Name, Two Fates, is about two people with the same name and born with the same path, going through challenging life obstacles. They both grew up fatherless and had a difficult childhood. One Wes Moore goes to college and becomes a successful author while the other other Wes Moore spends everyday for the rest of his life behind the bars. One wrong choice that you make can lead you down to a complete different path. Whenever I make a wrong choice, I would always regret it but sometimes wrong choices can show you a whole different perspective on things that you never thought of before. When both Wes Moore’s made the choice of selling drugs, they opened up a path, a path of getting into trouble. When Wes went to military school and learned about how much tribulation his family went through to get the money and the “sacrifice”, he realized that he was in a different environment than the one in Baltimore and that leadership was…show more content…
The choices that I make will always follow me around and will never go away. We all make choices everyday and it can be on anything. I remember when I made the choice to not study for a test and as you can guess, the outcome was bad. Sometimes we don’t think before we act and that makes us chose careless and dreadful choices. “But Wes knew exactly what he had stumbled on. He had just found his mother’s weed stash. After a moment to think about whether he should take it, he came to the obvious conclusion: he was going to turn this barbecue into a real party.” (Moore, 59), as you can see, Wes had a choice into either leaving the stash alone or taking it and he chose the wrong
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