What Is Totalitarianism In Animal Farm

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I. Externalities

The “Animal Farm” is a novel written by Eric Arthur Blair, known by his pen name George Orwell, which narrates two chapters of tyranny. It is a unique piece of literacy because of its fable-like perspectives.

Eric Arthur Blair has a strong view on democratic socialism, and opposes totalitarianism where the state holds total authority over the society. The story is set in a rural village somewhere, presumably a province in England.

II. Summary

In my point of view, the novel uses a lot of ironic symbolism, where it concludes the pigs as the antagonists, where the horse and donkey is the most durable and capable workers, and where the pack of dogs are the antagonist’s cronies. Along with its representation of the Russian revolution. The story
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He is based on Leon Trotsky, whom led the opposition against Stalin. Snowballs ideals are equal and just.
• Napoleon- Napoleon is the main antagonist in the novel. He disagrees with Snowball’s approach with things.
• Mr. Jones- The first tyrant that the animals successfully overthrown. He represents Bolshevik and liberal revolutionaries.
• Benjamin- Boxer’s close friend, a great inspiration to the working animals, represents the Menshevik intelligentsia, also a donkey.
• Boxer- Benjamin’s close friend, the most dedicated, dependable, and loyal worker but also dim-witted, He represents the working-class of Russia, a horse.
• Old Major- Presumably the wisest animal in the farm, He is the one who united and inspired the whole farm to revolt against Mr. Jones, He is the first to die in the novel.
• Mr. Whymper- A businessman whom Napoleon transacts with. He also takes advantage of the crisis happening at the farm. He also owns the knacker where Boxer was sent.
• Mr. Frederick- A neighbor of Mr. Jones. Also a farmer.
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