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Popular Attractions Passu has two beautiful glaciers, known as Passu glacier and Batura glacier. It also has very nice area for Trekking. Passu, provide comfortable and safe camping site to tourists. It is an excellent place to stop by for a while for shopping and to make a short hike. In 5 KM walk from Passu, the sight scenes are breathtaking. There is a bridge over Hunza River that you can cross to go to the other side of the river, but that bridge is rather in a bad shape. The trail trek you find that is easy, but not very wide. If you have fear of heights and the water flow in the Hunza River is not too high, you might prefer walking in the river bed to cross it. If you feel like trekking you may cross the Hunza River and visit some of the villages located on…show more content…
Ecotourism in passu The term ecotourism has, in recent years, become a popular slogan used by tour operators all over the world. Yet, what exactly is ecotourism? In a nutshell, ecotourism could be defined as ecologically, environmentally and socially responsible tourism. The main aims of ecotourism are to protect and preserve nature and to help provide the means to do so (financial and educational) by directly supporting local communities. Other aspects, such as the sustainability of local culture and history also form part of this low-impact approach to tourism. Looking at the negative impact mass-tourism can have on native culture and environment, ecotourism is a sensible alternative. Instead of traveling in large groups, consider taking the trip with only a few like-minded people. A simple consideration such as this can already result in a
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