What Is True Love In The Great Gatsby

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Love is an intense feeling of deep affection. In the Great Gatsby, true love seems as if it is a prevalent theme. As readers take a closer look, however, we are able to uncover that all this love, these characters long for, is unrealistic and a fantasy. Throughout the book F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the relationships of Daisy, Tom, Jay, and the rest of the characters to help readers understand the significance behind what others refer to as true love. Fitzgerald sets his story in the 1920s, an era of excessive entertainment, prosperity, and greed. Throughout the novel, we are able to see how the lives of all these characters revolve around wealth, power, and social acceptance. Fitzgerald struggles to prove that even though love seems to be there, …show more content…

Love, a deep affection, is only complete when felt by two unique individuals. In this story Gatsby has become blinded by his affection for Daisy he does not stop to consider anything else but being with her. He has this illusion and fantasy he has longed for since a little boy in his dream. While he has obtained everything else, the fame, glory, and wealth he lacks one thing, a lover. He has his life all crafted out and Daisy was his missing piece. He threw extravagant parties because “he half expected her to wander into one of his parties, some night, '. Jay was using his wealth to buy back Daisy’s love and was not able to do so. While these extravagant parties got Daisy’s attention it could not buy her true love. Love is not an object but intangible emotion therefore it can not be bought. Furthermore, he was obsessed with the idea of having a lover so much that he becomes forceful on her love, but Nick notices that and says “I wouldn 't ask too much of her," He pushes her into confessing to Tom about the affair, but that does not go as planned but because he is so obsessed with having Daisy he does not realize Daisy’s true emotions until his last breath. The love of Jay and Daisy was one sided while she loved his glory he was too blind to see that the love is only an

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