What Is Truman Capote's Legacy

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Truman Capote might not be a common known author in today’s time, but he was definitely a unique and special writer. Despite his multiple struggles in life, he was quite a character throughout the early 1900’s. Though he fought daily battles, he rose above them and wrote dozens of compelling books. Truman Capote might be gone, but his legacy will truly last forever. Truman Capote’s childhood was filled with both sad and uplifting moments. Capote was born Truman Streckfus Persons in New Orleans, Louisiana on September 30, 1924 (Encyclopedia 1). Capote’s parents, Lillie Mae Faulk and Archulus Persons, got a divorce soon after his birth (World 615). As a result of their split, Capote was neglected as a child (“Biography” 1). Throughout the majority of his early childhood, Capote seldom saw either of his parents because of the fact that he lived with his mother’s side of the family in Monroeville, Alabama (Famous 3). At age eleven, he reunited with his mother and his new step-father in Manhattan, New York (“Biography” 2). Soon, his step-father, Joe Capote, legally adopted him and he then alternated his name to Truman Garcia Capote (“Biography” 2).
Capote was enrolled at an all-boys school in Manhattan, but quickly invested more time in his
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Within his lifetime, he won three different types of awards for his works (Famous 2). He won the ‘O. Henry Award’ for the novels Miriam as well as Shut a Final (Famous 5). Capote also received the ‘O. Henry Award’ for his work, The House of the Flowers (Famous 5). In 1962, his work in the film The Innocents won the ‘Edgar Award’ for Best Motion Picture Screenplay (Famous 2). A few years later in 1966, Capote won the ‘Edgar Award’ for Best Fact Crime for his number one selling novel, In Cold Blood (Famous 2). One year later, Capote was awarded the ‘Primetime Emmy Award’ for Special Classification of Individual Achievements (Famous
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