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How can we exactly tell if a food is unhealthy to eat? Basically, junk foods are considered as jun because they literally don't do or contain anything that would benefit the body, and most of these foods contain ingredients that are full of fat, salt, sugar, and every other unhealthy substances. However, no matter how unhealthy a certain food is, people tend to still have a go at it. Then again, it is not just the junk foods, because if you have too much of anything, it is then considered to be bad as well.

“People eat junk food, well, because it tastes good. We’re hooked on the pleasure of eating rich, sweet, and salty foods that look, smell, and taste divine and delight all of our senses. The food industry creates products with this in mind. We consume these products, which alter our metabolism and train our taste buds to desire them, and the food industry further fuels demand for them through alluring advertising. This is a brilliant marketing coup for corporations and an insidious exchange for us – the food companies get fat bottom lines and
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People always go to fast food chains because they offer fast food service, literally. There is no need for you to wait for like 30 minutes to get a table and an hour to get your food. However, we all know that fast food chains don't really use “real food”. They use ingredients that contains full of sodium, carbs, sugar, and fat, which is the reason for obesity.

There are videos circulating online on people experimenting with fast food items, like how they kept a burger for two years and it still looks the same, which is totally not safe to eat anymore. Then again, a lot of people still prefers fast foods literally because of how cheap and fast it is. It just so happens that it is extremely unhealthy, so if you're trying to live a healthy lifestyle, stay away from fast

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