What Is Volkswagen's Target Market Strategy

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STP technique is an amalgamation of segmentation, targeting, and positioning. This methodology proposes that the mass business sector comprises of some number of generally homogeneous gatherings, each with particular needs and wants. STP advertisers endeavour to distinguish those business segments, direct marketing exercises at the fragments which the advertisers accept that their organisation can fulfil better than their rivals, and position their product offering in order to speak to the targeted segments. Without a doubt, the cordiality firm uses some type of this methodology.
In spite of the fact that STP advertising methodology includes segmentation responsibility at the brand level, it doesn't block endeavours to catch a wide range of
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These are all automobile manufacturers yet their target market approach is very different from each other. In this report, the companies’ STP strategy will be compared and contrasted from each other. It will also represent the motivations of the buyers which indulges them to buy the desired brand.
It will determine the primary target market for each brand and it will provide details of the various segmentation variables used along with the reasons. This report will also examine the chosen brands adapt their marketing activities to their target market and to differentiate their brands from the competitors. Furthermore, it will provide the information of marketing mix of the selected
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Volkswagen additionally possesses Audi, Bentley, MAN, SEAT, Scania, SKODA, Lamborghini, and now also dealing in Ducati (motor bikes). VW is at present burning through $1billion to assemble another plant in Tennessee, for the creation of a fair size car (Sedan) in 2011 with introductory limit of 150,000 vehicles yearly (Jurevicius, 2015).

Segmentation Strategy
In understanding to different brands, Volkswagen likewise segments automobiles by the fuel utilisation of Diesel and Petrol (VW is known for exceptionally proficient and successful engine motors utilising diesel). Volkswagen divides its cars by separating models in classes, engine motors, size, and by discretionary features (Pride and Ferrell, 2010).

Targeting Strategy
The targeting strategy of utilised by the company as concerned with their product line is devoted to mature customers belonging to the age group of 18-49 years of age. A large segment of the cars offered by Volkswagen are types which are more moderate and proficient for any individual and for a company activity (Jurevicius, 2015).

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