What Is Walt Disney World Vacation Essay

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In this essay I am going to tell you about my big exciting third trip to Walt Disney World this last year. On my trip I was looking forward to the all the Christmas decorations that the park was going to be covered in. The rides are also another big and exciting thing that I was looking forward to when we arrived at the parks. Then the final thing I was definitely looking forward to was the wonderful food. I am excited to tell you about the rides, shows and food I had at Walt Disney World with my family and the spirit gems cheer team. We left the cold and desolate state of South Dakota at 9 in the morning and arrived in the humid state of Florida at 1 o’clock in the afternoon. When we got off the plane it was really hot and humid in the airport terminal that wasn’t very enjoyable but, it didn’t defeat the fact that we were going to the most magical place in the world. After we got our luggage we walked 2 blocks to our bus which was going to take us to our resort. After…show more content…
The food never disappoints from breakfast until dinner. Every morning we got breakfast coupons that we could us on our food. I always got the country platter which was filled with eggs, toast, biscuits and French toast. It was so good that it is what I got every morning while I was there. For lunch we just kind of found a little restaurant in the theme park we were in that day the food was always very good and yummy. When dinner time rolled around we always had a big dinner set up for our group to go and eat. The food was always warm and delicious and the desserts were even better. When you’re walking around Disney there were always ice cream carts filled with bars and ice cream cones. I always got the same thing from the ice cream vender all three years I have gone and it always been a mickey mouse shaped ice cream sandwich. The overall impression of the food can never be beat by anything
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