What Is Walt Whitman's Differences And Change In The Trifles

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. The important transformations that occurred in our society especially in the last two centuries have had a deep and irreversible impact on the world on many aspects. These changes affect politics, religions and the entire socio and geo- political dynamic of our world including relationships between men and women with regards to the ways society views the dynamic between the two. In the following paragraphs, I will attempt to conduct a parallel between the Trifles and the work of Walt Whitman. The story in the Trifles lays illustrates how socio inequality, gender discriminations and lack of socio awareness contributed in producing poor judgments and serious misunderstandings. Walt Whitman completely revolutionized poetry and self-expression by his poems, Whitman’s thinking was way ahead of his time. Consequently, initiated a change and was a pioneer of a brand new a fresh movement, judgment free for young artists and poets.…show more content…
Whitman broke the status quo and highly restricted socio norms of his time and dared to adventure far beyond what was morally and socially acceptable by the moral standard of that time. According to definition provided in our textbook, modernism is A movement dated from roughly 1900-1950. In short, modernism is about changes, changes in society and changes in literary form. Modernist literature represents the change a traditional society experiences as it becomes modern, a transformation that may be painful. Many modernist writers reflect this disillusionment and confusion by questioning traditional values and beliefs and/or portraying the failure of the American Dream. As the editors of your textbook point out, modernism is "an experience of loss" (Baym et al, 2013, p.
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