A Summary Of Water Pollution

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Many towns and factories are built near rivers so that they can use water from the river. But sometimes the water is not cleaned before it is put back into the river. This dirtying of water (also air and soil) is called pollution. Wastes discharged from factories are polluting our rivers and other water bodies with chemicals. Dyes from garments factories and waste from tanneries end up in the rivers. Due to these toxic chemicals, the water has become nothing less than dye. The major victims of water pollution are amphibians and dolphins. A lot of amphibians that hunt insects in our farmlands are dying off. Just because of this, several species of fish and aquatic plants are endangered today. A lot of important plants are dying off due to toxic…show more content…
Polythene and plastics are not biodegradable and finally, they end up collecting on river beds. The uppermost layer of the soil is used for either farming or for construction and this layer of soil is getting destroyed every day due to hard waste collecting on the soil. Because of this, a lot of tall buildings are now safety hazards as the top soil is being harmed by solid wastes. The beneficial invertebrates that dwell in the soil are also lost and the proper bonding of soil is damaged by it which results in the reduced production of harvest. The main factor behind air pollution is smoke from factories. Toxic substances like Carbon-monoxide are released into the air from this smoke. Brick kilns are responsible for both deforestation and air pollution from the smoke. Humans and other animals alike are under heavy threat because of air pollution. Increased industrialization has led to increased unplanned urbanization. One of the largest factors exacerbating global warming is industrial factories. So, the climate change effect is fast forwarding and floods, cyclones, tsunamis etc. have all increased in number and strength due to climate change. Coastal and oceanic biodiversity are being destroyed as a result. Some species that have been greatly harmed are sea turtles, corals, snails, oysters, crabs and different types of birds. This in turn gravely affects the lives of coastal people. Unsustainable…show more content…
Agricultural manures (livestock slurries and farmyard manures) are valuable fertilisers and soil conditioners, but are also potential sources of water pollution by Faecal Indicator Organisms (FIO) if poorly managed. Farmers put fertilizers and pesticides on their crops so that their crops grow better. But these fertilizers and pesticides can be washed through the soil by rain, to end up in rivers. Fertilizers and pesticides are harmful because they cause algae to grow. The algae then destroy water

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