White Collar Crime Vs Street Crime Essay

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Street crime and white collar crime are both deliberate and are planned to harm someone negatively, other than yourself. Generally, street crime has more violent effects in nature when compared to white collar crime. However, white collar crime can have a more devastating effect financially and emotionally, when compared to street crime which has similar effects but can also represent negative physical effects as well.
White collar crimes is one of the fastest growing types of crime in the world. Approximately almost every form of white collar crime increased in the recent years. White collar crimes do not involve violence and often take place in the workplace of people who work in white collar industries, such as accounting, office workers, fund managers, executives, business managers, finance, banking, and other associated careers. These crimes involve concealment and trickery in order to unlawfully make money or to gain possession of other
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Taking the above-mentioned information into thought, it is possible to draw a conclusion that crime itself that accompanies us everywhere in our everyday lives is one of the main issues, which haunt today’s society. In this case, white-collar crime and street crime are both very serious offences against the individuals and the community all together. On a daily basis, people hear of various rapes, robberies and murders. These particular crimes are called street ones. However, when we are talking about white-collar crime, it is possible to mention about fraud, corruption, embezzlement, tax evasion, and others. As a result, both crimes have their own victims and the effects of these crimes can be very catastrophic to the community. Both street crime and white-collar crime have major consequences. They both can inflict bodily harm and financial harm upon people causing great harm to the victim, victim’s family, or
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