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The interrelation of work and commitments in life and their impact on the other is Work Life Balance. While trying their level best to maximise the efforts to achieve the set goals, academicians and others struggle to strike a balance between their work and other family and societal responsibilities.
An ideal work life balance is a myth. Everyone being different, having different circumstances to deal with setting or establishing perfect way to have a work life balance is not the objective of this paper. Previous research on this topic has proven that men and women both prefer to work in organizations that support a healthy work life balance. Women mostly stress that work and family are both equally important and both are the sources
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in the late 1970 to describe the balance between an individual’s work and personal life. Work-Life Balance is an individual’s control over the responsibilities between their family, workplace, friends and self.
Work-Life Balance predominantly does not mean an equal balance. An attempt to schedule equal or the right number of hours for all the activities during work life and personal life is usually pointless and unrealistic. Life is and should be more fluid than just that. There is no ideal Work-Life Balance because the best work life balance is different for each person. This is essentially true as different people have different goals and priorities in life.
Work life balance (WLB) seems to be a poking issue and it needs liberal attention from the society. Many reviews have identified WLB as a poking issue for every woman. A survey reveals that about 82% of women are into the field of Academics. It also provides a knowledge on the work life balance practices that needs to be reinvented so as to meet the corporate challenges for both the organization and academicians. The study also provides few suggestions to academicians on how well they can structure and balance their work life. (Sam and A,
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Although steps have been taken at various levels to help improve work life balance and reduce stress levels in women so as to ensure job satisfaction and higher quality service women still face a lot of stress and job burnout and a lot more can and should be done to help alleviate the issues faced by them.
Based on our research we have suggested certain recommendation for academicians to help balance their work and life.
• Academicians should understand the task on their shoulders of nurturing the future and not take it as a burden but as a commitment and pride.
• Use the mantra of ‘Accept, Adapt and Achieve’ may help in maintaining a healthy work life balance.
• Academicians, especially women should plan their chores so as not to be constantly worried as to what is to be done on reaching

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