What Is Worth The Cost Of Money In College Essay

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College, college, college...that’s all most high school students are worried about these days. But is college really worth the cost of money and time? A degree is a wonderful thing to have, however most students and parents are contemplating if college is actually worth the struggle. Going to college is worth the time, money, and work. Even though finances are a big problem for students, financial aid helps miraculously, and while attending college a person becomes more educated, as well as receives better opportunities. Money, the main thing blocking kids from college. Yes, money is an obstacle, however many programs, companies, groups and colleges offer scholarships and financial aid. My friends Rebecca is a high school senior who lives on her own already have the first three years of her college paid for through scholarships and financial aid. Even if Rebecca did not qualify for financial aid she could have taken out student loans and pay them back with money she earned from her job that she got because she went to college. Some argue about how the wage gap between people with and without degrees is not rising like it was in the past, but just like source D says, “Skipping college because the pace of…show more content…
The whole reason for college is to help people learn. Knowledge is power, and who doesn’t want power? College lets people learn new amazing things they did not have the opportunity to learn in high school. While attending college people can figure out and learn what they want to do for the rest of their life. College also does more than just teach knowledge, source F says that 69% of students say college was useful in helping them grow and mature as a person. Going to college is more than just a learning experience, it is an exploring experience as well. College helps one learn about life, herself, and the world. Learning is one of the best things about college, but the opportunities college gives is pretty awesome
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