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There are many things wrong with this world. Natural disasters and terminal diseases are hardly a rarity, and destroy millions of lives each year. Upon the news of an earthquake, we unite in order to raise money to provide resources and medical care. To battle cancer, we fund research and collectively give our love and support to those who need it. We spend countless amounts of time fighting to eliminate these unnecessary deaths, because who else will? Our only help in this world is each other. And yet, we are the very people responsible for each other 's downfall. For every 1000 people killed by police, only one officer is convicted of a crime. And in 2015, over 1000 people were shot by police in America alone. So, in 2015, only one officer…show more content…
But when we fired the gun we don’t dare offer a hand because we know that they would see the blood stained on it. That’s not to say that we are all held responsible for the actions of some, but our lack of concern means that we are just as much in the wrong as those who support this brutality. We may not be guilty of firing the gun, but we are definitely guilty of turning a blind eye. It seems as though we wait until something has reached a state of devastation to consider it worthy of our attention. We act so oblivious to these problems though thousands of people have died. But how many more deaths will we ignore before our guilt becomes louder than the…show more content…
So what happens when they turn against us? It goes without saying that any form of brutality is absolutely unacceptable and we need to come together to stand up to it. If the cops are the ones committing crimes, we need to be the ones convicting them. The great thing is that our generation has so many platforms to make ourselves heard; so much potential to combat this issue. We are the future, we have more power than we know and we need to guarantee that the world we will one day govern does not run on violence and corruption. It is so important that we speak out for those who no longer have a voice. Because our history is being written as we speak… what do you want to be remembered

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