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Your legacy is in your actions and what people remember. Many think one's legacy, is some monetary or wonderful gift one leaves those they love, or people they know. But I am here to tell you, that it's not your legacy, your legacy is in what is remembered about you, and what you leave behind in people’s memories and actions. Be it positive or negative, each lesson you teach is your legacy. Every day you work and speak and give motivation is your legacy. When you mentor, fall short and get back up, it is all a part of your legacy. See all those actions, which are knowable and unknowingly watched, become a part of every individual that cross your path. A legacy passed down through generation after generations. Your legacy move from individual…show more content…
Your strength is one of the first things people notice. A quiet strength, but that strength and your confidence can conceal the fact that you are human. It masks your human side from everyone, but those who love you unconditionally. Those of us know that you are human and you are not perfect. Your strength in some ways disallows you from distinguishing those who expect you to be perfect, from those that love you for you. The expectation you place on yourself forbids you from seeing that the ones with unconditional love, knows your strength to adjust and overcome empowers you and this is what makes you captivating. Some of your quiet strengths like tenacity, courage, trustworthiness, honorable, focused, and intellectual, a critical thinker, and a visionary. None of those words mean perfect or make one perfect, however, they do make one special. Know that we, who love you do not see you as perfect, we love that you are special. Nevertheless, we recognize, like us, you will make mistakes and fall short. For us love is not blind, unconditional love is about actions more than feelings. Unconditional love doesn’t mean you love everything about the person. It means you do not need them to be different than they are for you to be happy or to love them.

You are your strength, every thank you receive from others is your strength, every dream you inspire is your strength, each person’s knowledge you build is your strength, each time you lose it, and

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