What Is Zeus's Role In The Trojan War

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The Greek gods viewed the Trojan War as an elaborate chess game, where the gods and goddess have the role of a chess player and the humans are the game pieces and pawns. The gods have the ability to influence the decisions of each human or pawn. Zeus seems to be playing the role similar to that of an antagonist as he was the one who started the war or we can say the “game of chess”. This is a competition between the gods. The Trojan War was started because as seen in the myth of the golden apple, Zeus believed that there were too many people on the earth. Therefore Zeus devised a scheme that would solve this situation, with the help of Eris. They created a golden apple for the “Fairest” and gave it to Hera, Aphrodite and Athena,…show more content…
Many times the gods and goddesses bestow a blessing of sorts on a side or warrior giving the side or warrior super human strength or courage. It is an advantage to them because the warrior or side being favored has the strength or power of the gods, thus being like a “super” human. Obviously this is a disadvantage for the opposing side because they are fighting with no sort of power but that of an average human. We can see an example of a god favoring a certain side is when Zeus send Iris to Hektor saying “As long as you behold Agamemnon, shepherd of the people, raging among the champions and cutting down ranged fighters, so long let him hold back and urge on the rest of his people through this strong encounter. But when either struck by spear or hit by flying arrow, he springs up behind his horses, then I guarantee the power to Hektor to kill men, till he makes his way to the strong-benched vessels or until the sun goes down and blessed darkness comes over.” By placing the pawns, or in this case the warriors where they wish and by influencing their decisions and actions, the gods have taken on the role of a chess player where the
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