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What it means to be a Finch People ask all the time what it means to be a Finch. Being a Finch to me means one is being a hard worker, family oriented, and living one’s life to glorify God. I love being in my family because my family has shaped me into who I am today. Hard work in the family is not necessarily hard, but we do not sit around and be lazy. My retired grandfather still volunteers to be the treasurer of our church while also cutting grass. Kids learn from a young age it is better to spend time outside and together than it is to stay inside and be nonsocial. We Finch kids idolize playing sports. When family events come around there will always be a sport competition going on. Being a hard working Finch it irks me to see other people around me waste time and potential. Spending quality time as a family is vital for our family. Losing cousins and siblings to college makes me reminisce on the good times we have had together, but when those who are off at college come home we try to go and see them and spend time with them because we do not know how much time we have left together. If I had known how much time my brother had left in…show more content…
Everything we do is for His glory. We make it a point to when we gather together as a family it is to fellowship with each other and to praise him. We pray before every meal with our focus directed toward God. Whenever I am burdened by a life decision I am directed towards God by my family. We pride ourselves by being an honest and loyal family. Most of our family even attends the same church. My father, grandfather, and uncle have all served on our diaconate at church. They all three have devoted their time and hard work to furtherance of God’s kingdom. My cousin and I have both served our time through doing the sound and recording of our church’s services. We enjoy serving and helping others through all we do, but most of all we live to praise God and strive to be like

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