What It Means To Be A True Hero Essay

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What it means to be a true Hero
In the world we live in there are so many different types of people. For example, there are those who cause harm to others for no reason and some who think there is a reason which there is no true reason to hurt someone who is innocent. There are those who support these people which make them almost just as bad. There are people who think it is wrong but yet do nothing about it when they can then there’s people who think it is wrong but can’t do anything about it. There are people who don’t care what happens. Then there’s a true hero, a person who cares about someone they’ve never met and may never meet but is still trying and is willing to give their life so that they may feel safe at night. This true hero wakes up with no fear of self-deprivation, they might have a family or not you’ll never know till you meet one of these courageous people. There are so many traits of a true her and what it means to be one, in fact there are so many you wouldn’t ever be able to describe them all in detail or in one essay, but to list a few a true hero fears only losing an innocent life they may fear death but that fear isn’t anything compared to having to live with that. A true hero would gladly give his life for you or me at any given moment in time
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And there are so many different people with different views on the world there are those who don’t care, those who fight to destroy, who fight to concur, who fight to kill, and then there are those who fight to protect those who can’t protect themselves. But, these true brave heroes who go and fight watch friends maybe family die come back with shattered heart and with PDSD so they can’t sleep at night. There are so many burdens that a true hero takes on but to them a chance of death is just another day at work. These men and woman are soldiers who fight to protect us never knowing who we are they are true epic
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