What It Means To Be An American Me Essay

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America means betokens opportunity and a paramount promise toward success but to be an American designates one who will embraces those opportunities into success. An American is one who takes advantage of our country's prosperity. One who recognizes America's jaded past and puts forth effort for a better future. An American is not one ethnic group or one specific type of person but it is the mixing pot of many cultures of people who choose to take advantage of America's promises in order to make a better life for themselves. We as "Americans" are ones who are given favorable rights and freedoms which makes us standout from many countries. An American is its own unique society where one is granted rights and freedoms and is given opportunity to improve one's life, Growing up I was edified that I could achieve anything I wanted through hard work. In America that is the case and as an American you are obligated to do so. You are given such opportunities and once you act upon them in order to better your life, then you are an American. There are various opportunities for almost any and everything in America, from regime assistance for groceries to student loans for college. Americans are ones who are given these luxuries but not to limit them, but to guide those who come to America in order to better their life. In President Franklin…show more content…
When people come to America, they come in desire for liberation to be who they optate to be. Americans are ones who are given set freedoms, opportunities, ideals and rights which sets us apart from other countries. For example "The Bill Of Rights" is a list of personal freedoms one is entitled to as an American. For example Amendment I states “the abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble." (Bill of rights 46) living by these rights everyday makes one an
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