What It Means To Be Human Essay

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The question regarding our humanity or ‘what it means to be human’ is an important question to ask in this period of time. Is there a single correct answer to this question? Or does every person have their own view on what it means, therefore no correct answer? Is this level of thinking something special of being human? People are peculiar who knows what they think. In this essay I will be discussing my view of what I think it means to be truly human. Second, I will link what I think to two of the perspectives we dealt with in philosophy lectures prior to this assignment, more specifically, the Indian philosophy, Jainism and the theory of Plato’s cave. Finally, I will provide an example of how these two approaches can be seen in our everyday lives. The purpose of this essay is to expand the view of different people’s perspectives on what it means to be truly human.

I believe to be truly human is to seek the truth and accepting it for what it is. To live with acceptance towards the
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They also believe that you can acquire good or bad karma in the way you decide to live. The part of the Jains beliefs that link with my belief of being human is the story of the elephant and the blind people. In this story a few blind people get to know an unknown animal by feeling a part of the animal’s body. Each blind person recognizes the animal differently on what they feel. Taking in to consideration they do not feel the same body parts and therefore envisions the animal differently. Although they have different views each view is part of a whole truth. This links to humans that should consider different views of the truth and not be blinded by their own thoughts. The whole truth is too complex for a single person to perceive on their own and should therefore take other people’s opinions into

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