What It Means To Establish Myself As A Hispanic Leader

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Dreaming was never a part of me. I always thought a dream was something you wish for. However, setting goals are only my objective because a goal means something you will achieve, unlike a dream, it isn’t something you wish. When you realize, that in life you don’t get what you deserve, you have to start hustling for your own good. Succeeding is one way to define who I am. I’ve been taught that the choices you make, will determine what you have done throughout your lifetime. Even though I already think myself as a leader, I plan to continue my leadership. Mainly, I plan to be a Hispanic leader. Hispanics have been viewed in different ways and being Hispanic or Latino shows pride because it’s a piece to the puzzle that shapes me. Obtaining an education was always a goal for me. It is the most important thing for me, because it knowledge is power.…show more content…
It’s the first goal I am achieving towards going to college. Ever since I was six, I always wanted to pursue a better life. Meaning, college was the only destination for me to have a better life. Surely, I have to make my mother proud and I can’t wait to be the first one in the family to graduate college. However, my only choice is to thrive. In this case, I have to do it for my family because they all believe in me, I have to do it because I promised my mom a house, and better life for both of us. I have to keep my word, but beside these promises, I want to conquer a better life. I don’t want to get paid minimum wage, I want to have a job that I like doing and maintain a family with that same job. Receiving this scholarship would motivate me more and make those proud who support
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