Explain What It Means To Live Life Essay

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What Does It Mean to Live Life? What does it mean to live life? This is a question that can have a variety of thoughts, comments, and answers. Living life means to live fully and tolerate circumstances that could be unexpected. I realized I wanted to become a nurse by observing the women in this profession as they cared for my mother. It was through a time of struggle and hardship that I discovered my desire to be molded into a nurse. I used to think that nurses and doctors worked in the medical field for a "good life," but now I know they have a yearning to make the sick healthy and to help families during a time of strife. One event in particular altered my mindset of nurses, doctors, and their motivation. I remembered the day as a "normal" Friday morning and everyone in my family was looking forward to the weekend. I woke up to the smell of warm strawberry toaster strudels and dad saying, "Wake up! It 's Friday!" After breakfast, everyone continued into their own individual routines. Mom was stressed about the work day ahead, and dad was relaxed while getting ready for work. My brother and I were getting ready for school. Picture day had arrived at school so I needed everything to be…show more content…
Over the course of the next two weeks, I grew to admire and appreciate the nurses on the step-down unit. One nurse, especially motivated me to choose nursing as my profession. My mom and I would talk with the nurse each time she would come to care for my mom. For example, the nurse, my mom, and I discussed the events of the day in addition to my nonappearance on picture day. Nurses, along with their hard work and determination, impacted me because they accept what life unexpectedly throws our way. Lastly, nurses are there to make our obstacles a little more bearable, and help the family as well as the
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