What It Means To Say Phoenix Arizona Essay

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I think one of the best way to tell a sad reality is by making your audience cry and laugh at the same time. The author of "What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona", Sherman J. Alexie, does just that. Victor and Thomas Builds-The-Fire were childhood friends that had not spoken in years. When Victor's father dies in Arizona, Thomas Builds-The-Fire gives Victor the money he needs to bring his father home with one condition: Thomas Builds-The-Fire gets to go along with him to Arizona. My overall response to this story was that I found it both humorous and intriguing. One of the main characters in the story, Thomas, could perfectly be described as humorous, and this shows that the author intended for his readers to laugh. Therefore, I believe that my reception of the author’s humor was appropriate for his intended response. My overall response throughout the story “ What It Means To Say Phoenix, Arizona” was one of laughter as the author intended. My overall reaction was towards the character Thomas-Builds-A-Fire. Thomas being a humorous character in the story made me laugh. He made me laugh all throughout the short story but one particular sentence was my…show more content…
Alexie wanted his audience’s response to be. Throughout the whole story I had one thought: this story does a very nice job of making me laugh . My overall response was simply laughter. I think the author’s goal when writing this short story was to make his readers laugh. Because of this, the author was completely successful with his intentions. When reading a story, it is helpful, sometimes essential, to have some background information before reading to understand the meaning, and my paper offers that. My response was significant because every person has a different interpretation and my interpretation was an example of what the author hoped to accomplish when writing the
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