What It Takes To Be Great Analysis

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You see people in the world who are great and you look up to them and ask yourself how. Those people did not just automatically become successful just like that, but they had great character traits. Becoming great takes time and effort. In other words, you have to have a growth mindset, motivation, keep on practicing, and work hard. These words will be the key to becoming great.
To begin with, as a child, you probably heard the phrase “Practice makes perfect.” How does practice really improve your skill? As you keep on practicing you catch your mistakes and adjust. Hours and hours of practice for years maybe even decades made people become great. Think about the amount of studying it takes. In paragraphs twelve to fifteen, in the article “What It Takes to be Great” by
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There is the type that doesn’t help you at all and there’s the one that helps you. If you are doing the same thing over and over again that won’t help you. Instead, if you challenge yourself each time you’re practicing, you will see yourself improve. Let’s take Tiger Woods for example. You know Tiger Woods as the young famous golf player. He didn’t just become famous right away, but it took fifteen years of deliberate practice to be where he is today. He started at the age of eighteen months not even two years old yet. With all the practice and encouragement from his father he was able to become the youngest-ever to be the winner of the U.S. Amateur Championship only at the age of eighteen. In paragraph eighteen it said,”Tiger Woods is a perfect example of what the research shows. Because his father introduced him to golf at an extremely early age-18 months-and encouraged him to practice intensively, woods have racked up at least 15 years of practice by the time he became the youngest-ever winner of the U.S. Amateur Championship, at age 18. Also in line with the

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