The Importance Of Reading Books

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What Kind of Books Do Kids Like?

Years of research show obviously that fostering a love of reading plays a significant role in every child's life. As Laura Bush -the eminent lady of theUnited States of America- said ''when children learn to love books, they learn to love learning. '' Reading stories introduces kids to the complicated nature of language and, moreover, helps them acquire essential language skills. In other words, children have the key that opens the door to all the knowledge of the world bit by bit at the time that they have learned to read well. But for this key, many children would have been left behind. Therefore, kids should have as many experiences with books as possible. It doesn't matter whether
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Besides, they prefer the books letting them use their imagination where they can dream, imagine because reading gives them an escape from real life as well as teaching something new about the world around them.Therefore, in most situations, children would prefer to read books slightly easy for them, as this can give them such pleasure and help to build motivation for reading. To be honest, they feel proud and have a sense of accomplishment once they have finished reading a book. Having said that, when a child is asked to read things that are too hard, he could become frustrated and lose confidence. Additionally, presenting kids with any old book only won't give them any pleasure since well-meaning adults could destroy a child's love of reading forever. Different types of genre books mean different amounts and types of language which supply children a different dialog or conversation. For that reason, many types of children’s books have appeared over the years just as there are genres for adult readers. Children also have a preference for reading just as parents' reading preferences are important for them. Depending on age and developmental level, there are certain types of books that kids could enjoy. On the other hand, some children enjoy telling stories or composing messages that someone else writes or types on the computer for them. These stories may

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