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According to psychologist, Urie Bronfenbrenner, the Ecological Systems theory was developed to help people understand why one may behave differently in the presence of their family opposed to their behavior at school or work. The theory also states that the different types of environmental systems influence human development (). The 5 levels of the environmental systems include historical factors, environmental-structural factors, cultural, the family, and individual (Morales, Sheafor, & Scott, 2010). In Pearl Cleage’s novel, What Looks Like Crazy On An Ordinary Day” she demonstrates the 5 levels of the environmental systems threw the main character Ava Johnson’s situation. Ava Johnson tested positive for HIV. During this time she deals with…show more content…
Many people might find having sex in general sinful. For instance, the reverend makes a comment to “just say no” referring to sex. Also, men automatically fault Ava in getting HIV because she is a woman and they think she should have strapped up. This effects Ava because someone is always judging her whether it religious beliefs or sex roles. Family Fortunately, Ava had one family member who was there for her through out the novel, her sister Joyce. Joyce dealt with a lot of unfortunate events in her life she also managed to deal with her sister’s situation. Joyce supports not only her sister but also a host of young females to help them make better choices. Ava has a very strong family member on her side through out this period of her life. Individual Ava as a person grows through out the novel. Being HIV positive she becomes stronger and more opening to people. Ava becomes especially strong when the people judge her about having HIV. Ava becomes at peace with the fact that she has the virus oppose to when she wasn’t at peace and finding comfort in alcohol. During this time Ava also falls in love with a man who loves her despite her situation. Therefore this helps Ava redefine her

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