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Keshaun Spruill 2/4/2016 MLA Format Professor Jones Western Civilization I What Made Rome Great Rome was made great and a strong civilization through the characteristics of its culture. Rome has a variety of views in their government and the way the culture changed. Aside from the political arrangement of Rome’s government there existed an extensive patronage relationship that gave benefits to both parties. Virtues were also an important aspect of Roman culture that many sought to keep alive. Citizenship for Roman citizens made it more beneficial to those with the capability to obtain it. The qualities that made Rome great was found in how its people were valued and the government’s ability to take different forms of government and create…show more content…
Roman citizenship actually opened a lot of opportunities for citizens of lands conquered by the Romans. “They could now hold office, they could serve in the legions (Roman military units), and more” (Hist 101 Section 11). The perks of being a Roman citizen, native to Rome or not, gives one the opportunity to serve in the government or military. Roman citizenship does not remove the citizenship of one’s original country, the individual has the protection under the Roman Empire while retaining their own. “Additionally, all of the masses of subjects under this government have protection against the more powerful of their native countrymen” (Aelius Aristides). The Roman Empire extended its protection to all citizens in any of its provinces in the case of officials attempting to break the law. “Thus, the present government serves rich and poor alike, and your constitution has developed a single, harmonious, all-embracing union” (Aelius Aristides). What makes Rome great is its care for all peoples under the law, as long as one obeys the laws of Rome. The Roman citizenship perks are not excluded due to religion either. Jews and Christians were extended the same rights under the law as any other citizen. This happened to serve as an asset to the apostle Paul when he was arrested by the Romans. Acts 25:11 shows Paul utilizing one of his basic rights as a citizen,…show more content…
Mixing three different forms of government into one working one that gives benefits to both the nobles and the commoners without one power overtaking the other. Rome also utilized the patronage system for mutual benefits to both the patron and client. The people of Rome also sought to hold onto virtues such as loyalty and bravery to loved ones and the empire. Bravery was shown with the ideal that military service would toughen young males. One of the greater characteristics that made Rome great was the perks of citizenship. References Aristides, Aelius, Excerpt from The Blessing of the Pax Romana. HIST 101 Western Civilization I, "Week 4: The Romans." Virginia Beach: SoftChalk LessonBuilder, 2013. Horace, Excerpt from The Odes. HIST 101 Western Civilization I, "Week 4: The Romans." Virginia Beach: SoftChalk LessonBuilder, 2013. Holy Bible: New International Version. Grand Rapids, MI: Zondervan, 2005. Print. No Author, HIST 101 Western Civilization I, “Week 4: The Romans.” Virginia Beach: SoftChalk LessonBuilder, 2013. Tacitus, Excerpt from The Histories. HIST 101 Western Civilization I, "Week 4: The Romans." Virginia Beach: SoftChalk LessonBuilder,

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