What Main Argument (Or Claim) Does The Author Make?

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1. What main argument (or claim) does the author make? What contradictions (if any) does the author make in her argument (or claim)? What competing claims (points of view other than the main one the author defends) appear in the essay? The Main argument the author makes is that both teachers and parents are not taking action. The teachers seem to feel sorry for their students and end up passing them, instead of using tools of negative reinforcement such as failure to determine whether the student should graduate. The parents are not supporting the teachers and may end up doing the work for their kids. The one contradiction I see is on the tenth paragraph where she talks about the students she sees at night living a hard life of unemployment, chemical dependencies, abusive relationships…show more content…
What assumptions does the writer 's title carry? The assumptions the writer’s title carries is that most of the readers will think they are going to be reading something about the “F Bomb”. That is what I thought anyways. I think she used that assumption to grab the attention. I will be honest, it definitely worked for me. 4. What assumptions does the writer 's argument carry? Do you agree with the author 's assumptions? Why or why not? The assumption the writer’s argument carries is that it is not the fact that students find themselves wishing they were held back, but that the teachers and parents should take action. The teacher should not feel sorry for a student just because they may be nice and the parent should not act because they are afraid of their kid’s failing. They should instead let it sink in, that they will fail if they don’t put their effort in. I agree to a certain extent. I do believe that some teachers and parents are too nice or maybe don’t care. I think negative reinforcement is a good tool if used proper. I don’t agree because it is not the teacher or parent’s responsibility to graduate the student. Only the student will reap the consequences of their
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