What Makes A Baby Happy Essay

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What does a baby happy?

H baby 's emotional life is revealed day by day. The first awkward smiles, give us some indication of the mysterious inner world. After the third to fourth month, the sense of joy begins to gush, bringing with joyful surprise and expressions. This coincides with the growing interest in other people, which requires hours to contact in person and hugs . By the sixth month, most parents would agree that a baby actually started to develop his character alone. Not only all the reflexes, but a real person, with moods and tastes.
But what makes a happy baby is indeed a question worth millions. And the answer is simple: you.

- One of the first steps, babies and adults reveal to each other their smell, touch and sounds. The close physical contact undoubtedly make a baby happy and strengthens the bonds between him and his parents. A belly full of milk and a warm and
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- The first years of baby 's life, the separation anxiety is a main threat to his happiness. The anxiety caused by not understanding that objects and people still exist when they are not within the field of view. Also understands what it means when the mother or father wears his coat, but do not realize when or whether to turn back. And will miss you so much, that no substitute will not be good enough. Toys like Mr. - Mr. s, the hide and seek, are also useful as they learn your child to get used to the idea that what is left does not mean they disappeared forever.

- Many experts believe that the routine is also one of the main reasons that make a baby happy. T a baby feel safe and develop confidence when they have good and stable routines. They know what will happen after, and it helps them grow properly. The routine meets their needs in a predictable and safe environment.

So how do you know if your baby is really happy? You notice your baby and trust the instincts you. Once you watch and hear your baby and watch everything go. Look for smiles, sounds and unmistakable body
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