What Makes A Girl Married Essay

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Today when a girl dreams of getting married, they think of love and that special someone they want to spend there rest of their life with and always be right by their side with. You would never imagine it would be hell for girls who are dreading their wedding day or doesn’t even know she getting married because she is only maybe 12,13 or a little younger these girls are know as child brides and the parents married them off when they are young because maybe then can’t take care of them it saddens me when these girls have big dreams and want to do so much only to be taken away after their marriage.parents put their daughter’s freedom and dreams to marry a complete stranger.
In the USA you don’t really see much of girls getting married at an young age more or less pregnant but never married. In third world countries like Bangladesh,Chad,India and Niger* it's very common and in some parts illegal like in bangladesh a girl can marry at the age of 18 no younger than but people have grown angry at the new law some organizations are trying to fight for example
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Furthermore education is a lack of things that some people don’t have in parts of the world In third world countries,people don’t really think that girls shouldn’t have an education some believe that she should stand by her husband and stay raising his children also help with cooking. But these girls try their best to stay in school girls with no education are 3 times as likely to marry by 18. Girls tend to drop out of school during the prep of the wedding or shortly after the wedding because she has to tend to her husband and her duties as a

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