Thomas Hobbes: What Makes A Just And Fair Society

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People for hundreds of years have asked what makes a just and fair society. One person who endeavored to answer this question was Thomas Hobbes. Thomas Hobbes claimed that freedom was good but security is better. He also believed that without government, laws, and society mankind would exist in a state of nature where life would be nasty, brutish, and short. To solve this problem Hobbes believed in creating a social contract and hand over their freedoms to a strong leader. The concern Hobbes points out is that from handing over most freedoms to a strong leader could result in a frighteningly powerful state. From Hobbes idea however three questions about what makes a just and fair society arose. First is the Society safe? Second does…show more content…
Slaves fighting obviously illustrates the lack of safety, anyone fighting is a lack of safety because in every fight someone gets hurt or even killed. The use of the word sacrifice proves even more that Rome lacks safety because sacrifice means killing something and in this case “Something” is a living, breathing, human. The last phrase of “forced to fight to the death” means that these people are forced into death and a lack of safety, if these people were fighting by choice it might be a little different but these are slaves who are forced to die for their master’s entertainment and profit, if that 's not a lack of safety then what is. A situation similar to this is in Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is the Hunger Games contestants are forced into combat and forced into death just like the people in ancient Rome who were forced into violence and slaughter. A second phrase from the text that brightly illuminates the total absence of safety in ancient Rome is, “In 404 A.D. a Christian monk named Telemachus jumped into an arena in Rome and tried to seperate the combatants. The crowd went berserk, climbed over the walls and tore the monk limb from limb” (Watkins
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