What Makes A Neighbor's Three Children Case Study

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Couple Adopts


One Couple Adopts a Dying Neighbor 's Three Children Only to Receive This Shocking Surprise


When a neighbor realizes that she is dying, one couple decides to help her out. Despite already having five children, they adopt the neighbor 's three children.


Samantha was a happy mother of three children. For a long time, she had felt like something was off. It seemed like she never had time to take care of herself because there were always meetings at school, homework assignments and housework to be done after work. Finally, Samantha decided that she should go to the hospital to have some tests done. Her next door neighbor, Jessie, volunteered to watch the children. Jessie worked as a bingo cashier in Las Vegas, and she already had five children of her own. While an additional three children would make their home cramp, Jessie and her husband figured that it would not be too difficult to handle for just a weekend.
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She had thought that she might have a digestive problem, but she was not prepared for what her doctor told her. Samantha had esophageal and stomach cancer. Even if she had treatment right away, her chances of surviving were not high.

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Samantha had to confront death, and she was in a panic. She did not expect to die so soon, and she had no clue who would take care of her children. The only person she knew that was good with children was Jessie. With no one else to turn to, she begged Jessie to take care of her children after she died.

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