How To Be Stranded In A Foreign World Essay

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Stranded in a Foreign World What makes America so great? Many would start with the job opportunities, the freedom, or some would even say the security. I, on the other hand, see America as more than that. What makes America great, in my opinion, is their willingness to help others in need, to welcome those begging for a new start. My family turned to the United States in their time of need, for an escape. It’s true. But it is not the picture perfect scene people envision when you tell them you escaped a war and found your way to a free America. The start of my American journey began in 1998 in Seattle, when I was just three months old. But being as I was so little back then, it would be more appropriate told from my mother’s perspective. …show more content…

Some people realized that we were struggling and helped us. My husband 's aunt brought us some of her used furniture for our bare room to help us get started, and I went to this church for canned goods. I was not ashamed of asking for help. Slowly, we got some money saved up and we could afford daycare, so we both started working day jobs. My college degree came to the rescue, and I got a job at a bank as a teller. Sadly, my husband had to keep his job as a janitor but searched for better. Everyday I begged God for a miracle. We needed to get out of here. Find a place we could truly call …show more content…

That is what this life is about. You sacrifice for those you love. That is what my parent’s did. They brought my sister and I to this land of opportunity and even though they used their chance on us, their chance to follow their dreams, I will follow mine for them. People always ask me how I do so well in school, how I have the energy to do all the homework, study for the tests, do extra curricular activities, and never give up. My answer is: you sacrifice to pay back those who sacrificed for you. My parents left their families, their friends, the world they knew, just so their kids could have the chance to one day be the best. And I will be the best. For my parents. For myself. And to prove to those who tell us to “Go back to you country,” that I deserve to be here just as much as they do. My parents brought me here to be able to live freely and achieve my dreams even though they left theirs behind. Forever I will be

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