What Makes Beowulf An Epic Hero

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What makes Beowulf an epic hero? Well, first, Beowulf is the Prince of the Geats, he's a strong warrior who is said to have the strength of 30 men in each hand. Beowulf also possesses the ability to breathe underwater, he is a great warrior in his lands and has earn glory by winning many fights. Although, having inhumane strength and winning many fights does not make you a hero; a hero is a person who can overcome adversities for the sake of others. With this in mind, Beowulf has many outstanding achievements that certainly makes him qualify as a hero. Beowulf, seeking glory, heard of the horrible life the Danes, a neighboring nation, were living. The Danes were being tormented by a savage beast named Grendel, this is when Beowulf achieves…show more content…
After the death of the foul beast another creature of the dark was awoken with a desire for revenge; Grendel’s mother was Beowulf's next challenge. When her son died in her home she went the the golden hall and murdered Hrothgar’s best friend, the king wept and asked for Beowulf’s one last time. Beowulf accepted but was not so certain that he would prevail, this did not stop him from facing the next monster. Beowulf went to the beast’s lair where he said his goodbyes and jumped into the action with no reply from his men. The hero was confronted immediately, the battle was hard of Beowulf but by divine intervention our hero was able to survive and triumph using a giant’s sword. He slayed Grendel’s Mom and saved the Danes ones more, for this he is considered a…show more content…
Therefore, what makes Beowulf an epic hero? If a hero is someone who does a difficult task for those who can't Beowulf has already earned the title. The prince first sailed the great sea to an unknown land to purge them of an evil that tormented them for 12 years, an evil no man could face. He thrived. The prince proved himself again with the defeat of Grendel’s mom, asked once more to achieve what no other man could. In his final battle, the now king defeated a dragon that every other soldier was too scared to fight; he won a battle no one wanted to assist in except for one other man who was as courageous and heroic as Beowulf. Beowulf is an epic hero because he achieved what no one dared to for the sake of
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