What Makes Brother Cruel To Doodle

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Brother was cruel to Doodle. He shows this by making Doodle touch his own coffin. ‘One time I showed him his casket, telling him how we all believed he would die.’(418) Another example when Brother was cruel to Doodle was at the end of the story when Brother left Doodle in the rain. ‘The rain came, roaring through the pines. And then, like a bursting Roman candle, a gum tree ahead of us was shattered by a bolt of lightning. When the deafening thunder had died, I heard Doodle cry out, "Brother, Brother, don 't leave me! Don 't leave me!’ (425) The Narrator is ashamed of Doodle for the fact that he is “not fully there.” When the Narrator figures out that Doodle would not be able to play and run with him, he decides to kill the Doodle. ‘I
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