What Makes Donald Trump Persuasive Essay

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Presidents now a days are all politically correct, they say what the people want to hear. We need a President who stands for something and who is not afraid to protect what he stands for. The next president of the United States should be Donald Trump. Donald Trump was once the laughing stock of the presidential candidates. They thought he was a joke; however, now he is the Republican nominee and the soon to be President of the U.S.A. We need a president who is strong and not afraid to protect our nation. We need a president that can change the state of the U.S. My Nominee is Donald Trump, I believe that he will be the best nominee for keeping guns in America. Donald is quoted from on the issues, saying,” The six soldiers that were killed. Two of them were among the utmost highly decorated, and they weren’t allowed on a military base to have guns… If they had guns, he wouldn’t have been around very long.” In saying this he means that guns should be everywhere in the U.S, especially on our military bases! Guns give us protection, without…show more content…
He will bring experience in running a business, will defeat ISIS, and “make America great again.” Donald Trump took a million dollars and turned it into billions of dollars, which proves that he can run a business and make money. I believe that Donald Trump will use the strategies he used in his business to help lower the debt. I also believe that Trump will be the best president for guns and allowing them in our nation. My personal hopes for this election is that the best man for the job gets it. I think that the best man for the job is Trump. Some of you may you not agree with me, but I have my reasons. First, he’s a businessman who can reduce national debt. Second, he can change the laws on gun control and give us the freedom that our forefathers gave us and finally, he will stop illegal immigration, which will help prevent ISIS from coming into our

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