How Did Jane Goodall Impact The World

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Millions of people are born each year, but few have a significant impact on human society and thought. It takes a unique individual to make a difference in a world as self-centered as ours. Two wonderful examples of these people are Jane Goodall, one of the most famous primatologist and anthropologist, and Sylvia Earle, a leading marine biologist, oceanographer, and explorer. Both of these women broke the limitations in their respected fields and stood out from other scientists in their line of work, but this came at the cost of having a rather difficult personal life.
Jane Goodall was born on April 3, 1934, in London. From a young age, she found herself drawn to animals and how they behaved. During this time period, she also developed a dream of visiting Africa. This dream came true when she turned eighteen and was invited by her friend to go visit Kenya. There she met Louis Leakey, a world-renowned anthropologist who took Jane under his wing. He sent her to study chimpanzees in Tanzania, which yielded fantastic findings. Jane is credited with being the first person to witness chimps hunting and eating meat. This observation launched her into relevance in the science field and allowed her to achieve and record a plethora of information in a relatively short time. When she first started studying
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During her childhood, she go out for hours and explore the wilderness around her house, which played a significant role in shaping her life as a scientist. Another influence that contributed to her interest was her mother, who nursed sick and injured birds in the neighborhood. Her family moved to Florida when she was twelve and this is where her interest in the ocean took off. She began certified with SCUBA gear and obtained degrees in Botany. She went on to have several expeditions with over one thousand diving hours and has published much of her research, some of which can be found in the
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