What Makes Kypselli Women In The Film

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The Kypselli women in the film were degraded and perceived to be bad luck and as such were not allowed to be in areas, for example, wine caves for fear they will spoil the wine or the courtyards where the men smoke and relax. Watching the film it was very apparent the men were superior over the women, they determined the rules in which the women followed and as a result were exploited within the village. The women, perceived to be deceitful and not to be trusted, the men marry the women but only for economic reasons, not for love. Time is rarely spent with their husbands and although they live in the same house they are separated by rooms. Fascinatingly enough, the men are not allowed near the baking/cooking process although they can observe. The men, including the male children eat, alone and before the women in the family as such, our family all ate together at the table at a specific time.…show more content…
Our gender roles as children were not much different from my brother and my sister and I as we all played and did everything my brother did and growing up on a farm it was expected that we all helped in whatever needed to be done regardless of who was male or female. My sister and I picked up hay in the fields right beside my brother so there were no real gender roles as opposed to the film that presented the farming was the chore of the men.
That being said, although there are many rules within the Kypselli women I thought it interesting most of them shown on the film seemed quite happy and
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