Short Essay On What Makes Me Angry

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When someone asks me the simple question of, “What makes you angry?” I will have a simple response of, “What's it to you?”. In all honesty there are a lot of things that really make my gears grind and a lot of things I could be writing about to do this assignment. I knew to pinpoint the one thing that makes me the most mad was gonna be a challenge. After a lot of long hard thinking, aha, it came to me. What really makes me angry is stupid people, yes you heard me, stupid people in general. Stupid people doing stupid things, working with stupid people, stupid people asking stupid questions and stupid people trying to rub their stupid off on me are all reasons that stupid people in general make me angry. I have worked quite a few different…show more content…
Buddy said he would buy a rocket to bring the boat to the moon to sail it there. Buddy, you can't even buy yourself a slice of pizza but you can afford a rocket?. You also know they are stupid when first they are talking about sailing on the sun and then say the moon. Stupid questions like that drive me nuts. If you have a stupid question that can be answered with common sense, DON’T ASK! Working with stupid people sucks. Some people are so dumb that they can make you feel like Albert Einstein while doing the simplest of jobs. Sometimes working with a stupid person makes me feel unsafe, especially when you are working around machinery. One “great idea” to them could get you seriously injured because they don't have common sense. It's hard enough to go to work and concentrate and do the job correctly but then add stupid into the equation. The difference of productiveness when working with a stupid person and when not working with a stupid person is like night and day. Stupid people shouldn't be allowed to work with power tools. Not only do I have to make sure I don't hurt myself when doing a job with power tools, but I have to be cautious with them because, I CAN’T TRUST
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