What Makes Me Unique

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What makes a person unique? Is it their style? Their way of life? Their personality? The answer is all of the above. With more than 7 billion people on Earth, it is difficult to be unique. No one wants to be similar to everyone else, but few people step out of their boundaries to be unique. People show their uniqueness by being creative or challenging themselves, which makes them stand out. I am unique because I challenge myself by taking a gauntlet of difficult classes, and involving myself in extracurricular activities. Being unique is important because being unique is equivalent to being rare. Rare objects are sought by many people.
I became interested in challenging myself when I lived in North Pole, Alaska. When I first moved to Alaska, in the fifth grade, the students were being taught basic math. This was much simpler than the already simple algebra we were doing back in Virginia. There were not many activities to do living in Alaska, so I began to focus on my school work. I was placed in honors classes because I showed my dedication to school. These classes were more difficult, but I loved the challenge. School was easy for me in Alaska and inspired me to find more challenging activities to do.
Moving to Maryland began the challenging course curriculum for me. When I
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I have always loved technology. In my junior year, I went to a separate building from my home school called CTC. At this building, I took the class Advanced Web Design & Animation. Web design is an important field because the internet is not going to perish in the near future. My grandfather is currently employed by the IRS, and he is a supervisor for a section of the IRS website. My grandfather inspired me to try out web design. I got my first laptop when I was seven years old, which I presumed to be a guilt present from my mom because she felt bad for leaving me. Ever since then I have been around computers, and I would say I am pretty tech
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