Sport Is Significant Essay

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What Makes Sport So Significant?

What makes sport so significant? The use in day to day conversation, uniting cities and countries, creating healthy lifestyles and creating lifestyles is what makes sport so significant. Throughout history, sport has had some incredible moments, especially in Australia by Australians. The meaning of sport is an activity that is competitive, demanding and enjoyable. Sport can be to some people a way of life others, a hobby. As Australians, we are known for our passion for any sport from cricket to footy to tennis and all Australians love it when one of us wins.

Adam Scott an Australian golfer who is a big part of Australian Golf history, even though golf isn't a sport that doesn't get mentioned or supported
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It is 1998, Day 2 of the Ashes at Old Trafford very spin favoured pitch. Shane Warne slowly jogs into Michael Gatting for his first ball, Warne pitches the ball well outside leg stump then, the ball spun far more than expected and clipped Gatting's off stump. That ball was and is the one Australia's greatest sporting moments of a young and up and coming talent of Shane Warne, ending up being the world's best ever spin bowler. This moment is so great because it was a glimpse of what was yet to come from a role model who kids could dream of being and inspire to be. The public's perception of Warne changed over the 90's because of his actions and behaviour on and off the field, however, his perfection of the art leg spin saved his career and his on-field reputation.

Sport the thing billions either rely on or is just a hobby that's what makes it so significant. Through Adam Scott, Cathy Freeman and Shane Warne they all found sport a way out of a fantasy and into a reality. Both sportsmen and women are role models that the next generation inspires to be. In sport it can bring out the best in people and make players do the impossible, that is what makes sports so
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