What Makes Venus's Unknow Planet

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(By solarsystem.nasa.gov) Venus is a very unknow planet because it hard to get on and explorer do to its toxic air and extreme temperatures and closes planet in mass to earth.The rain storms on Venus poor down acid and allot of lighting storm.Since Venus has acid rain Lots of volcanoes and extremely high heat,it is the most dangerous planet in our solar system.The surface of Venus is at 809 degrees fahrenheit.When we sent robots to Venus they did not get far because it was so hot there electrical system overheat.If we ever wanted to live on venus we would probably need to build a station it its atmosphere because it 's cooler up there but would still need a space suit to get from the outside to the inside.Do to the hot heat on Venus there is no water on or in the planet.…show more content…
The air on Venus is mostly carbon dixide,this is because of its thick atmosphere
Traps the air in planet in.
Since Venus has a thick Atmosphere The pressure there will crush any lender that tries to
Well land. Earth has a strong magnetic field that protects its Venus however does not have
That type of protect.The first mission to Venus started over 25 years ago.Venus is 67 million miles away from the

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